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The critical role of American business, academic, government, faith and media institution leaders to co-model and systematically transfer leadership character ethics, the foundation of our uniting American spirit, has been a neglected priority for more than 100 years.

While good character is essential for American self-government and good corporate citizenship, it's intentional transference today to other adults through leadership methods and modeling is nearly non-existent.

As a result, the ability of future American leaders to adopt and practice the essential "American Character-Building Ethic" and pass it on is entirely at risk in the broader culture.

We believe this leadership character ethics crisis has fueled the divisive culture crisis which (regardless of your liberal or conservative view) is both the greatest indictment of America's 20th century leaders and the greatest opportunity for the leaders of the 21st century.

Therefore after 10 years of hundreds of diverse leaders laboring together, we designed “Version 5.0” of UncommonSense and the “Guide to Building High Character Leaders and Organizations”. These simple, uniting and proven adult mentoring tools clarify conscience-convicting character ethics and create a map for leaders to build character ...together.

Since 2000, the state of Ohio and various Ohio trade and professional associations have been a leading force in proving the efficacy of the long-term and collaborative UncommonSense approach. This unique project needs to be deepened and strengthen and also seeded in additional states.

We established the American Center for Civic Character as a non-profit educational project to make these tools available to leading American professional and trade associations serving government, business, media, family, faith, secondary and higher education constituents.

We rely on grants from corporations and foundations who are members or supporters of these associations to improve and grow this thrifty and important movement to create a common “tipping point” for American leadership renewal.

Towards this End in Serving Others,

Chip Weiant


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